New technology has completely revolutionized the dating process. Even though many dating applications are relatively new to the market, Pew Research also found that an astonishing 5 percent of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship met their significant other online. As the number of dating applications and registered users grows, so does their attractiveness to potential attackers. The goal of this blog is not to discourage you from using these applications. Rather, its goal is to educate organizations and their users on potential risks and mobile security best practices to use the applications safely. The vulnerabilities IBM discovered are more powerful than you might suspect. Some of them make it possible for cybercriminals to collect valuable personal information about you. Even though certain applications employ privacy measures, IBM found that many are vulnerable to attacks, which can let cybercriminals do the following:. Which specific vulnerabilities enable attackers to carry out the exploits mentioned above, permitting them to gain access to your confidential information?

Tinder says it’s safe from IBM warning on dating apps

Tone Analyzer is a lot like a spell check, according to IBM. It could even make suggestions for alternative word choices to soften or strengthen a desired tone. In this new beta version, Tone Analyzer now analyses other emotions, including joy, disgust, fear, and sadness, as well as new social propensities, including extraversion and emotional range. Also new to the beta version, Tone Analyzer is moving from analysing single words to analysing entire sentences. This analysis is helpful in situations that require nuanced understanding.

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Watson the wingman A new Watson-powered dating app from IBM-partner Connectidy just might be the best thing to happen to your love life. To find a truly deep.

The study by IBM Security of 41 dating apps on the Android mobile platform showed that 26 had either medium or high levels of vulnerability. The analysis was done based on apps available in the Google Play store in October. The study also reveals that many of these dating applications have access to additional features on mobile devices such as the camera, microphone, storage, GPS location and mobile wallet billing information, which in combination with the vulnerabilities may make them exploitable to hackers.

IBM found many of the vulnerabilities could lead to malware intrusions, GPS data leaks, credit-card number theft, remote control of a phone’s camera or hijacking of a user’s dating profile. The company suggested dating-app users not to reveal too much personal information while always updating app-access permissions appropriately as well as keeping unique passwords for each application to minimise risks.

Businesses also were advised to be prepared to protect themselves from vulnerable dating apps active on their networks, especially in “bring your own device” workplaces. It recommended the businesses to allow employees to only download applications from authorised app stores – although Google Play is one – while becoming educated on the danger of downloading third-party software.

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IBM warns on dating app dangers

This Valentine’s Day dating app users will have to protect their heart and their online profile. That means that hackers have the capability of accessing users’ cameras, microphones, GPS location and billing information. Having a vulnerable app can lead to hackers hijacking the user’s dating profile and impersonating them, which can potentially affect the user’s reputation and chance at meeting someone. Hackers can also cause more trouble by stealing the person’s identity, billing information and even installing malware in their devices.

It is this trust that gives hackers the opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities like the ones we found in these dating apps,” said Caleb Brown, vice president of IBM Security, in a statement.

The millions of people using dating apps on company smartphones could be exposing themselves and their employers to hacking, spying and.

Food giant Bumblebee Foods has seen a positive reaction to, and reception of, its supply chain tracking over blockchain. Elsewhere, IBM has said that it has been developing an apps focused marketplace for TradeLens, its shipping and logistics platform. Several months into a supply chain initiative based on blockchain, Bumble Bee Foods has seen positive reception and positive results. As reported in Forbes , the food giant, which is known for its seafood offerings, has had a blockchain project in place since the fall of The goal has been to track products as they make their ways through the supply chain.

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Among the services to be offered is insurance.

Can IBM’s Connectidy app powered by Watson help you score a date?

IBM has warned in a new report that millions of people who use dating apps on company smartphones are exposing themselves and their employers to hackers. In recent years, apps such as Tinder and OkCupid have become hugely popular with an estimated 31 million Americans having used a dating site or app, according to a Pew Research Center study. In the new report, IBM security researchers analyzed 41 dating apps on Google’s Android platform and found 26 of them had medium or high severity vulnerabilities.

More than 60 per cent of “leading” dating apps could be vulnerable to a variety of cyber-attacks which put personal user information and.

Your personal life is not incompatible with your professional life, and even less so on your smartphone , a device we use for almost everything these days. People use the same phone for work, social networking and even dating through apps like Tinder. However, a report published by tech giant IBM shows that this could put personal user information and corporate data at risk. Tinder is just one of the dozens of dating apps that have recently emerged, and the number of their users grows exponentially.

Consequently, any criminal that could access any of these applications would be able to obtain not only personal user information but also corporate data. The study revealed that 73 percent of dating apps had access to GPS location information.

IBM Showcase

Reuters – The millions of people using dating apps on company smartphones could be exposing themselves and their employers to hacking, spying and theft, according to a study by International Business Machines Corp. Dating apps have become hugely popular in the past few years due to their instant messaging, photo and geolocation services. About 31 million Americans have used a dating site or app, according to a Pew Research Center study. IBM found employees used vulnerable dating apps in nearly 50 percent of the companies sampled for its research.

IBM said the problem is that people on dating apps let their guard down and are not as sensitive to potential security problems as they might be on email or websites.

A Pew Research study revealed one in 10 Americans have used a dating site or app and the number of people who dated someone they met online has.

Search for:. In fact, a Pew Research study revealed one in 10 Americans, or roughly 31 million people, have used a dating site or app and the number of people who dated someone they met online grew to 66 percent. Our research demonstrates that some users may be engaged in a dangerous tradeoff — with increased sharing resulting in decreased personal security and privacy.

Security researchers from IBM Security identified that 26 of the 41 dating apps they analyzed on the Android mobile platform had either medium or high severity vulnerabilities. The analysis was done based on apps available in the Google Play app store in October The vulnerabilities discovered by IBM Security make it possible for a hacker to gather valuable personal information about a user.

While some apps have privacy measures in place, IBM found many are vulnerable to attacks that could lead to the following scenarios:.

How to Make a Successful Dating App: Pitfalls to Avoid

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This timeline of online dating services also includes broader events related to Used a questionnaire and an IBM to match 49 men and 49 women. , Ed Slater calls it a “location-based dating app”. App. , Tinder launches. App.

IBM noted that nearly half of organisations analysed have connected devices used to access business information that also access at least one of these popular dating apps. According to the research, 26 of the 41 dating apps analysed for the Android platform had either medium or high severity vulnerabilities. The analysis used apps available on the Google Play store in October IBM advised consumers not to divulge too much personal information until comfortable with the person engaged with via the app; to check permissions required when installing and updating apps; to use unique passwords for different accounts; to apply patches whenever they become available, and to only use trusted WiFi connections.

And enterprises were advised to use enterprise mobility tools to enable employees to use their own devices while maintaining security; to define where users can download apps from; to educate users on the risks of downloads and app-specific device permissions; and immediately communicate potential threats. Steve Costello. He has been a journalist IBM warns on dating app dangers. MWL TV. Home Apps News.


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